Day & Night Look – Part 2

Hey my lovies

Here is Part 2 of my Day & Night Look

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Day & Night Look – Part 1

I’ve been modeling lately for a friend of mine who’s doing a hair and mykeup stylist school. Currently she’s at the first year and she gets to do some fun things to learn more about her future work.

One day she had to create a “Total Look” on me; a day to night transformation.

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Black Gold

Dear weather, please make up your mind! Either it’s cold rainy spring or hot summer!

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All Black in Spring

We love Spring for it’s color in nature and of course in clothes too…

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Simple Date Style

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Easy Spring Day

The heat is slowly rising and clothes are getting less…

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Milan: 2nd Look

My second day in Milan for Fashion Week…

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One Night in Milan

After a hard morning at work and some hours on the road, finally we’ve got some time to have some real fun.

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Milan: 1st Look

Milan is worldwide known for being one of the most important fashion capitals along Paris, New York and London. And it’s definitely a place to be during Fashion Week if you love that World.

This year I decided to take a weekend trip to Milan during Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016.

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My Cosy Winter Coat

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