Day & Night Look – Part 1

I’ve been modeling lately for a friend of mine who’s doing a hair and mykeup stylist school. Currently she’s at the first year and she gets to do some fun things to learn more about her future work.

One day she had to create a “Total Look” on me; a day to night transformation.

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Black Gold

Dear weather, please make up your mind! Either it’s cold rainy spring or hot summer!

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Pastel Flowers

My most used color is black! Don’t know why, but that’s what I always use to pick when I shop for clothes… Continue reading

Energy Fashion Night Experience

This was supposed to be one of the most exiting nights ever!!! But…

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Luna Park

I needed to satisfy the kid that I still am inside… Continue reading

Get to know me…

I’m Carol, a Dominican lifestyle-blogger from New York City living in Switzerland.

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