Hearty Swarovski

Swarovski ist eine meiner liebsten Schmuckmarken. Wieso?

Erstens sehen ihre Kreationen immer wunderschön aus. Zweitens, sie haben eine vielfältige Auswahl und last but not least, die Presie sind TOP!!!

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Minusio Lemonade

Some time ago I presented you the Swiss Luxury Handbag Shop in Erlebach, Zürich

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Just Style It!

My favorite fashion pieces are dresses. I think they’re very comfortable and easy to style.

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Milan: 3rd Look

After a wonderful morning walking around beautiful Milan, we went to the Palazzo Reale for the exhibition of “L’arte del bijou italiano”.

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Milan: 1st Look

Milan is worldwide known for being one of the most important fashion capitals along Paris, New York and London. And it’s definitely a place to be during Fashion Week if you love that World.

This year I decided to take a weekend trip to Milan during Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016.

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Valentine’s Day: gift ideas for HER

Finding a gift for a woman is very easy in my opinion, but on Valentine’s day you want to show her how much you love her so that’s a little more difficult…

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