1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 4

Sadly we’ve come to the end of the “1 Woman 4 Hairstyles” series….

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1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 3

We are already at part 3 of 4 Hairstyles….

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1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 2

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1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 1

OK, it’s easy to make beautiful hairstyle on your own at home. By this I mean: updos, braids, beachwaves and so on. There are tones of possibilitys and even for the most difficult looking styles their art tricks to make them easy.

But what if you want to have a fringe and don’t want to cut your hair? What is you want long hair and don’t want to spend much for extensions?

Or just simply don’t want to wear wigs!

Ladies, here are my tricks to solve your problems…

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Day & Night Look – Part 1

I’ve been modeling lately for a friend of mine who’s doing a hair and mykeup stylist school. Currently she’s at the first year and she gets to do some fun things to learn more about her future work.

One day she had to create a “Total Look” on me; a day to night transformation.

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Festival-Looks by Batiste

A product that looks good, smells even better and makes your hair look clean and beautiful!!!?? A woman’s dream right? Well, Batiste can make it come true…

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RAUSCH: Swiss Natural Haircare

Rausch products are one of my favorite haircare products EVER!!!

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Bye Bye Bad Hair! Hello BATISTE!!

Dear readers, today I’m presenting you a product will make your hair look clean and beautiful in one second!

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Back to the 50’s

Last weekend I was modeling in a fashion show about the evolution of style over the last decades.

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