Minusio Lemonade

Some time ago I presented you the Swiss Luxury Handbag Shop in Erlebach, Zürich

I love their creations because they’re very classy in my opinion.

The bags are very elegant and to me they represent a comfortable, strong and independent woman that of course love fashion and good quality.

When I visited the shop, I was immediately attracted by the lemon colored bags! They where so fresh to me and just gave me that summer vibe!

I don’t know if you guys know it, but I live in the Italian canton of Switzerland, Ticino.

Specifically I live in a very little but very beautiful town named Minusio wich is right at the gorgeous Lago Maggiore.

So I literally HAD to partner up with Maisson Moullerus to present to all of you this luxurious backpack and to bring some bright color in the already starting autumn.

They actually named this bag MINUSIO and this here is the Lemon version of it.

You can wear it in different ways such as backpack, as shoulder bag or simply as handbag.

















I was wearing:

Maison Mollerus Vinerus Lemon Minusio Backpack

H&M Dress | Jewelry

Sonego High Heels

7 thoughts on “Minusio Lemonade

  1. WOW! Das sind meine lieblings Fotos von dir! Die Tasche ist toll und dein Outfit has du perfekt hingekriegt
    Mach weiter so Carol!

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