I have a BIG BIG BIG announcement to make, so lets talk again about ESSENCE!

And I’m sorry but you’ll need to read this whole post to know the big news and to get to the giveaway part ūüėČ

Essence was my first makeup EVER! When I was about 14 my mom gave me the permition to put on some eyeliner and mascara.

At that time my parents gave me about 50 bucks a week to spent them like I want to, so essence was the perfect makeup and beauty line for me since their prices are very low.

I have a HUGE collection of Essence products expecially from their nailpolish! They regulary launch new products so there’s a big choice other then the main products.

They have everything for makeup, skin care and nails. So as soon as I got my Blog, Essence was on my radar of the brands I would LOVE to work with! They are very famous here in Europe so you can imagine how many blogger request they get.

That’s why I was so happy and feeling very lucky to have got the Summer Fun collection to try.

And you can not even imagine how exited I am about what I’m going to tell you right now!

Essence made this big contest for their bloggers, where we had the possibility to win a trip to Berlin for the Glossycon.

Yes! Glossycon is like the big american makeup convention Beautycon! HUGE!

To participate, you had to register with a blogger friend and write down why you two should be the ones to win this trip.

I immediately thoughed about the lovely Eliane from Glow Beauty Blog I’ve got to know at the Amway Event in Z√ľrich. We had a great talk that day and where fascinated one from the other so I asked her if she would like to participate on¬†this Essence contest with me.

To be honest, after sending everything to them, I wasn’t thinking about it anymore because I though that there’s noooo way I ever could be part of this trip!

Thats why I was even more exited when I’ve got a message from Eliane telling me that we’ve made it!!!!!


Guys can you imagine that I’m going to Berlin!!!???

Well actually WE are going to Berlin bacause I’m going to share with you every single minute of it!

We are going there on Friday September 2nd and coming back the night after.

It’s going to be so much fun and I’m very exited to experience all of it with this beautiful person Eliane is.

To celebrate this huge happiness of mine, I’m having a Giveaway for you guys.

It contains some products from the Essence Summer Fun collection and some pallettes I really like! To add something else, I’m giving away a super cool and sparkly bracelete!

All you need to do to participate is to follow me on your Social Media, share this giveaway picture with #totallycarol and #carolsgiveaway. Tag me, essence_cosmetics and 3 friends that would maybe like to participate also on this giveaway. The winner will be annouced on September 10th.

If you want to see what the Giveaway contains and how the makeup looks like, here a are the pictures.




image  image


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