Lately all girls and women on the internet are obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics so I was wondering how this products actually are….

I’ve got the Matte Kylie Lipkit in the Ginger color and I actually have to say that I’m really happy about it.

Because of all the color I had, Ginger was the most appealing to me, I tried it!

The others are waiting for me… ?

The lipliner is every easy to put on and doesn’t cause you any risk to go out of the corners.

After few seconds the gloss drya and it doesn’t seem to want to get off your lips. Wich is actually awesome because it stays much longer on the lips then others.

I know some people said it’s hard to remove, but I didn’t had any problems. I just washed it off with a natural Marseille soap.

I love my Ginger Matte Lip Kit and can’t wait to try the other colors and let you guys know about it.

image image image image image

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