After Sport

This time on my summer vacation I decided to go to the gym everyday at least for 1 hour and here’s my favorite companion…

Since I’ve been doing nothing lately to keep my body in shape, I wanted to do something during my vacation.

It was actually kind of relaxing to do that. I woke up at 9 am, had breakfast and then went to the gym for 1 hour.

As soon as I arrived to the hotel I needed a shower and for it I had the best product: my Weleda Sport Shower Gel

First of all the smell of it is delicious! It’s a mix of Rosmarin and Lavendel which smells so fresh.

Weleda products are made with natural herbs. In this case they also used arnica blossom which supports the skin metabolism.

This shower gel will make your skin feel fresh and cool plus it maintains the natural skin moisture.

So, every day after the gym I went to my bungalow to take a shower with this refreshing shower gel and afterwards I put on my 100% coconut oil (made in Koh Samui) to lay on the beach.
This combination made my tan look perfect!











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LipSense Lip Stick

4 thoughts on “After Sport

  1. It’s surreal who beautiful you are and you look so natural
    the fact that you’ve showcased the shower gel under a shower on the beach is a very good idea! it looks great and the bikini is even matching the gel. could be use right for a spot

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