1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 3

We are already at part 3 of 4 Hairstyles….

After the fringe hairstyle, lets move on to another easy and quick one.

This time we are doing simple curls. But tell me, how is it simple if you need a curl iron and have to wait 1 minute for each curl to be ready and after some hours they’re straight again?

Don’t worry I have an easy solution for you. It’s the Babyliss Curl Secret!

I know I love a lot of things but if there’s something I MUST have in my bathroom, it’s this curler!

I saw a commercial of it online and because I love to make curls, I was so into this thing. I then finally got one and now I can’t live without it!

You have different curl and timing possibilities to create exactly the look you want. All you need to do is take a wisp of hair (not thicker than 3 centimers) and let the machine sucke it in. After some seconds it will pips and your curl is ready. Very easy and fast.

I really need to make a video about this otherwise you will not believe me how easy this works.

Another problem I had with the normal iron curler, it that my curls wouldn’t last longer then 2 hourse, no matter how much spry I put on.

With this Babyliss Curl Secret I even can sleep with my hair open and my curls still look great in the morning.

That’s when I can say: “I woke up like this: FLAWLESS”


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