Bye Bye Bad Hair! Hello BATISTE!!

Dear readers, today I’m presenting you a product will make your hair look clean and beautiful in one second!

This week I was very busy with work and some projects! So this was my worse bad hair days EVER!!!

First I had my hair straight for some days, then I had curls and after that I went for the ponytale! Yesterday I had a simple updo just to do something else!

Then for my nightout I didn’t had much time but I wanted to let my hair down. So it was the best moment to try out one of the new Products I’ve got from Batiste.

I already was in love with the bottles!

I tried the XXL Volume Shampoo and I have to say that I was inpresed by yhe result!

You can really see in my first pictures that my hair were cery dirty and I had white dots from all the gel and hairspray I’ve been using the past days.

At the end my hair weren’t perfect because I dind’t use any straightener or even a hairdryer. BUT, my hair didn’t looked dirty anymore and there were not signs of the white dots! And that’s the result I was hoping for!

And to top that, it gave some volume to the des dirty hair I had before.

I’m really happy and would recomment this! They also have smaler bottles that perfectly fit in you bag.

Bye Bye bad hair days!

PS: yes! I’m going to try the others too for you.

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