Valentine’s Day: gift ideas for HIM

Sometimes it’s hard for us women to find the perfect gift for a man, especially when it has to represent the love you feel for him.

Here are 7 gifts I definitely would give to my special one:

  1. Sexy Lingerie:
    This is the perfect excuse to buy something for you and I actually think that’s a great gift; I mean who wouldn’t go out of mind to see a beautiful woman in sexy lingerie waiting for you?image
  2. Sport tickets: if your man loves sport, what better way to make him happy then take him to see his favorite team play??
  3. Comfortable home wear: a simple comfortable pajama would be great. Even better if it has something with heroes or his favorite sports team on.
  4. Beer tasting: my beer! I would like to take him to a beer tasting so he can taste the different qualities and see how it’s made.
  5. Personalized Man Cave wall decor: if your man has his own place in your home, get him a personalized wall decor.
    I bought one for my man an it says “GENIUS AT WORK. Don’t disturb! I already have few ideas, don’t make them go away…”
  6. Personal massage: we love to get cuddled and they love it too! Surprise your love with a romantic massage. He will love the attention…
  7. Personalized glass: make a personalized glass so he can always remember how much you love him. image

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