Winter outwear: MUST HAVE!

Winter means COLD! DAH!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter; you can combine so many pieces and there’s a lot to wear, BUT I really hate the cold weather. That’s just what kills my winter vibe!

Woman are known for collecting everything in fashion; shoes, bags, jewelry, perfumes etc. and there’s no exception for winter coats . But there are always some main pieces that you definitely should have in your closet.

So here are the MUST HAVE for this season.

The black coat is the first thing you should have in your closet for winter season. I mean it goes with everything!

The brown coat, like the black one, winter must have outweargoes with everything. I would wear it for a casual look with ripped jeans and some withe sneakers. But you can also create a more elegant look like Kim Kardashian does…

Then there is the “fluffy jacket”, like I like to name it. This one is VERY important! This is the one that protects you from the cold! I have one just like that and I always wear it in the morning or when it’s snowing.

The black leather jacket! This is also something you can always wear. I wear my black leather jacket especially at night or when I want to create a sexier or edgier look.

The denim jacket, this one is practical for a casual or comfy look.

Of course you can combine those jackets like you want or use them for other occasions, but this is basically how I wear them.

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