Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

This is probably one of the most anticipated makeup collaborations of 2016!

People were going CRAZY about the Victoria Beckham limited edition makeup line with Estée Lauder.

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We already know that Haute Couture was actually made to make us addicts dream just a little bit more about fashion…

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Haute Couture: Favorites from spring and fall 2015

There are still 2 days left for the Haute Cauture week to end.

If fashion weeks are like the Super Bowl, Couture is the Olympic!

Before taking a look at this years fabulous creations, let’s hit it back to my favorite pieces from 2015 spring and fall couture week…

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Haute Couture: all you need to know

Yesterday at 9 pm. one of the most attended shows started with the creations from Atelier Versace.


Before taking a look at this years creations, lets get to know a little better this fashion category.

Here are the 10 most asked questions about Haute Couture…

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