Beautiful Notes

A New Year is almost around the corner and some of us set some goals every year to fulfill during the new unknowing time that’s coming.

I’m one of those person and have always been….

Since a little girl my parents made me eat 12 grapes every time the church bell rang on midnight to make 12 wishes I wanted to come true during the upcoming year.

When I met my husband, those grapes transform to midnight kisses, but I always keep making my new year’s resolutions.

For 2017 I haven’t much to ask for, the only thing I would love is to improve much more my blog. I want to talk more about fashion, being a young wife, working while going to school and making my way in the blogging industry but must importantly, keep a consistency between my posts. Practically I want to share much more stuff with you. I also would like to change some things about the page to make it simpler for you.

I’ve already started to organize everything for next year but I needed the right office supplies to get started.

I’m a huge notebook, pens and other office stuff addict and I’m always looking for special ones.

Some moth ago I was walking around the office shelf’s in a store when I came across a Toga box with a pink notebook in it and other cute supplies. I was immediately attracted by it and even more in love when I saw what the supplies where: little separators, stickers also with social media logos, a stamp with some useful messages and notes.

Everything is so cute, almost like for a younger girl, but I loved it. And the price was actually very low for all of those things, so I HAD to take it.

Today I’m really happy with my note book and the supplies really helped me to organize everything. Now my notes are looking pretty beautiful.

You can also order Toga articles online and you will find lots of cute stuff for your office and especially for DIY’s.
Go check them out HERE.





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