Beach Vibes

Relaxing on the beach, eating you’re favorite food, do fun stuff and just ENJOY life… Sound’s great right?

Unfortunately it can’t be like that every single day, at least not for now!

There’s work, a house, family and much more…

On our vacation everything was so relaxing, as it supposed to be. We could lay all day at the beach, eat delicious asian food, get as many massages as we wanted to every day and spend some quality and lovely time with each other.

Back home we still spent a LOT of time together, but it’s mostly involved with work, especially this year.

He’s working on his company for some years now, but it’s starting to grow a lot lately. I’m still working only half day, but since I’ve started to blog this year, the rest of my time is not anymore keeping our house, hanging out with friends our doing little works here and then.

When I started the website on January, I thought it will take me more then one year to really “work” for it! But now it’s actually happening and I’m soooo excited about it! Photoshoots, Reviews , Events, Travel and so many unforgettable memories. Let’s say it’s really starting to get busy. He’s also helping me with that so every time he has a minute we shoot or go to events. Lately I’m receiving also some things for him to test as well so we are having lot of fun together with that.

In Koh Samui everything was so fun and it didn’t felt like work because we were taking pictures while enjoying our holidays. The work actually started back home with all the editing, writing and publishing.

Now on top of that I also started school to get a higher diploma in real estate administration, accounting and sells. So I’m really exited about that too.

I can’t wait to what the future has planned for us, but mostly I can’t wait to live it!

For now, let’s take you back to the beach…




totally-carol totally-carol  totally-carol

I was wearing:

Thai Street Market Clothes

H&M Jewelry

Jane Iredale Makeup

2 thoughts on “Beach Vibes

  1. Dein set sieht so toll aus! Möchte ich auch für den Sommenr! Dein Still ist einfach unglaublich! Ich liebe es 🙂

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