Getting to know SeneSwiss and LipSense

Some while ago I had a really cute and beautiful meeting with Stephanie Cekon, responsible for SenGence in Switzerland: SeneSwiss.

Here I’m giving you some informations about this brand, since you’re going to see more about it in future on the Blog.

We met at this beautiful place called Imagine at the main train station in Zürich.

Stephanie came to present me the SeneSwiss products and the SeneGence company.

I had a blast; talking with a nice person about makeup and beauty products always makes me happy.

I love the fact that she explained everything to me about what the products contain and how they work.

Our main subject was the LipSence line though, but you can find further informations on the International website or on the Swiss one.

Lets start with the name! What does SeneGence actually mean? It’s a combination of the words Senescence (process of aging)and Intelligence

So practically SeneGence means: long-lasting and anti-aging products that really work

SeneGence not only offers amazing products for women, but also a work place! YES! you can work for them as an distributor selling this amazing products.

They so empower women with a career that really works using products that really work.

Besides that, SeneGence is really dedicated to the health and success of women.

It was created in April 1999 and started offering only six lip coloros with the moisturizing lip gloss and the remover. Today they’re counting with much more products like a complete line of long lasting cosmetics colors, anti aging skincare, accessoires as well as body and hair care.

Can you imagine that they have over three hundred products and accessory items intended to make skin more beautiful from head to toe?

So don’t wait to try out some of this products, trust me; your skin will thank you!

I HAD to try the lipstick Christina Aguilera always were…

image imageimage image

Here below are some more informations about their products I’ve found on their page and down you’ll find my test pictures to see if the lipstick really stays on.

If you’re interest in buying or selling SeneGence products, visit the International websie or the Swiss one.

Product formulations

  • No animal testing (we test on us!)
  • No animal by-products (we use alternative sources)
  • Naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
  • All products formulated in compliance with FDA regulations
  • Made in pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility
  • Made in the United States for tight quality control


  • No wax, therefore no internal ingestion
  • No lead (that is rumored to cause cancer)

Product Packaging

  • No individual product box packaging to help save trees (you just throw it away anyway!)
  • Single unified ingredient listing (less paper helps save the trees)

Business Operations

  • Paperless operation organization. We computerize as many aspects of the business as possible to eliminate the necessity for paper – helps save more trees.
  • Employees are citizens from around the world. Working at SeneGence is a culturally diverse experience!

image image

image image

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    1. you’re right! she really helps with some of her post and I love reading them! I only wish it could be more personal just to get to know Carol better, she looks like fun!
      But I also love articles like this with some tips and where you get to know new products and labels… Definitely going to search this Christina Aguilera lipgloss

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