What to do in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the second biggest Island in Thailand after Phuket.

It’s still a very little Island, but you can not even imagine how many things there are to do! One thing is sure; in this little paradise you’ll not getting bored!

I was in Koh Samui twice and I would go there every time I could! The place is beautiful, the food is so delicious and the people are the kindest I’ve ever met abroad!

They are so open and treat you like family. Some even made food for us to take away to our hotel!

It’s definitely worth it to visit. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Since there is so much to do and you can find hundreds of list online about what to do here, I’m going to show you some of the things I did and recommend.

So lets get started…

Boat Trips
You will have a large choice of boat trips. There are so many! We did two big trips (in different days) and it was the most beautiful thing!
On one trip we went to a very little but incredible Island named: Koh Tao. The trip to get there was so beautiful and Koh Tao was breathtaking! We stayed there the whole day to snorkeling, eat, sunbath and just relax!
Our second trip was to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. OK now this was the most beautiful place I have EVER been in my life! It just looks so surreal!
As soon as we arrived on one of the Islands, we went for a 20 min hick to the top where a blue laguna is! You can imagine how wonderful it was!
After that we went kayaking around very little islands. It was so beautiful!
We toke then the boat again to go to lunch on another Island where we stayed for a little while. Then went snorkeling in the middle of the ocean. It was scary, but under water I felt so free!

Beautiful Beaches
There are so many beaches on the Island to chill. Some are very quiet and others with bars and restaurants.
The most famous one is the beach in Chaweng. It is very nice but full of people and I don’t like that. I prefer a place where I can relax and I’m not much surrounded by people.
If you also feel like I do, Lamai Beach is the place for you!
It’s as beautiful as Chaweng but it’s really calm even though there are restaurant on the beach.

Water Sport
As there are many beaches, water sports can’t be missed. You can find everything: jetski, waterski, kayak, paddle board, windsurf and so on…

Since we’re talking about sports, lets talk about the gym!
I know you’re on vacation and want to enjoy, but for those of you who are fitness addicts, there are gyms everywhere.
The las time I went, I visited the gym everyday and it was great!totallycarol

Thai Food
Now lets get over to the food! I love asian food and Thai Food is my number 1 right now!
There are so many options and everything is so good and spicy!
For lunch we always eat Tom Kha Ka wich is a sweet and sour coconut milk chicken soup! It is soooo good! Then we also had Papaya Salad. It looks like carrot salad but is made with green papaya! If you don’t like spicy you need to tell them because this dish is hot!!
For dinner we loved the “Thai Buffet”. Until today we don’t actually know the real name of it; some call it thai chinoise but thai people call it “thai buffet”.
It’s a buffet and that’s not the special part of it. The special thing is how YOU cook it. On the table they bring you something that looks like a Mexican hat. In the boarders you put water and all of the spices you want to. Also there you put in the shrimps and Soja Noodles. The top of the “hat” will be the grill where you can cook the meet.
It’s fun and special. It was our favorite and we had dinner there every 2 days.
If you don’t like thai food there are a lots of other cuisine such as Indian, Mexican, Japan, China, Swiss, Italian, Australian and so much more…

Beach Bars and Restaurants
What is more relaxing then to have dinner our a cocktail while your feet touches sand?
There are so many options from luxury to very simple.
In Koh Samui there are many reggae bars honoring the reggae legend Bob Marley and I love them. The music is so relaxing and after some drinks it also gets really fun.
One of our favorite restaurant and bar on the beach are reggae ones and we always had an amazing time and food there.

There are really lot of possibilities to shop in Koh Samui. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering a shop. It’s not a must, but if you do, you’ll show respect to the owner. I think it’s a cute “rule”…
I love to shop at the several markets because they are full of people from so many different places. You will also find lots of food and cocktails stands. It’s a must if you’re there!

Everywhere you will see thai women sitting outside and shouting out loud: “massaaasge”
There is a massage place one after the other. They are very good and very very cheap.
You can also visit one of the many resorts that offer a more luxurious wellness program.
We usually after lunch went to do a massage and before going to bed; every day!

Temples and Statues
Thailand is known for it’s beautiful and gigantic temples and Buddha Statues; Koh Samui is no exception for them to be find.

There are so many Show Parks in Koh Samui: elephant, money, snake, aquarium and much others. There are also lot of shows in the city such as dance shows, drag queen shows and fire shows!
Lot of restaurant on the beach organize a night where there are fire shows. We’ve experienced one and it was incredible. At first we didn’t though it wasn’t anything special, but after we saw it we were amazed! You need to watch one!

So, I could write so much about what you can do in this magical place, but I’ll keep it for next time.

I you’re visiting Koh Samui and want to know more about it, just send me an e-mail with you’re questions and I’ll be more then pleased to help you out..

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