Legs Beach Comeback

Ladies, ladies, ladies…
Summer doesn’t want to come to us quite yet, so instead of being sad, lets take advantage of the situation and do or last workouts ans tricks to get beautiful legs for our Beach Comeback!

I’m testing a new Product for you guys and if it works like it said, it’s going to be HEAVEN!!!

This Bi-Oil is an oil for face and body and it should help you to get rid of scars, stretch marks and irregular skin tone.
So it should be perfect to get a perfect skin and it’s much recommended for pregnant women to avoid any marks that comes with maternity.

The Bi-Oil contains a combination of plant extracts and vitamins. To see slowly your scars and stretch marks disappear, you should use it at least 8 weeks. Well, 92% of the people who tested it for scars say they saw a difference after 8 weeks.

So lets get back to the dreamy perfect summer legs, shall we?

One of my biggest insecurities about myself are my legs! I have bis thighs and a lot of scars. I grew up in farm so what you expected?

So my idea is to do exercises to get thinner hips, tricks to get beautiful shinny legs and use everyday the Bi-Oil to remove scars and marks.

I’m going to try this from today till the 13th of July (actually I put the oil yesterday before going to bed and it smells soon good).
I will share with you regularly my experience so you can join this challenge with me.

totallycarol bi-oil



Where to buy Bi-Oil:

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