Be You Tiful

This summer non-contouring is the new makeup trend! Even countering queen Kim says that she goes lately for less makeup!

Be you, be beautiful!

I’ve been testing the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair products 3 weeks and I’m really happy about how my skin looks lately without makeup.

I’m a fashion and beauty addict; so much that even to go to the hospital I have to match my outfit and wear makeup! I just can’t handle it!

But summer is that time when I just want to be natural and don’t wear anything on my face, except mascara sometimes.

The thing I love the most about makeup is actually the process but of course it’s a great way to hide you flaws, so when we see something we don’t like, it’s easy to cover it up with makeup.

The Advanced Night Repair line by Estée Lauder was actually attractive to me because I know it’s a brand I can trust and I also wanted something easy and fast to do, to make me feel more comfortable without having to hide everything.

I tested the Advanced Night Repair Power-Foil Mask wich is supposed to make your skin look instantly renewed and fresher. You should put on the mask once a week for 10 minutes.

Almost impossible to be easier then that.

This Power-Foil is actually their first worldwide one and it’s perfect to act fast allowing the product to moisturize deep and fast within skin’s surface.

Then I used the Advanced Night Repair everyday to reveal a younger, radiant and smoother skin. It’s ChronoluxCB Technology maximizes the natural nighttime renewal of the skin.

At the beginning I didn’t knew exactly what everything should mean, but after trying it for some days I could see the difference to before so I understood everything.

First, after I washed my face, I had a strange color, it was like off if you know what I mean. I could only make it better with some foundation and rouge. I also used almond oil to get a tanned look but then always put on foundation.

Using the Advanced Night Repair over night, I now wake up with a good-looking color and my skin is so smooth. I really feel comfortable going out without makeup so I’m really happy to have found my IT product for this summer! I maybe should get a little one for my purse…

I really recommend this for someone who wants to make their skin look lighter and smoother without having the need to wear makeup to feel great! It’s also perfect to prevent signs of aging and hydrated skin.








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