Day & Night Look – Part 2

Hey my lovies

Here is Part 2 of my Day & Night Look

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Artistry & HYMM Beauty Lunch

Thursday, June 23rd 12.00 a.m: I was at the beauty Lunch with Amway for their new Artistry Signature Color collection and for the launch of the HYMM products for men.

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Amway is known worldwide for its nutrition, beauty and home products.

But do we really know the company?

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1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 2

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1 Woman 4 Hairstyles – Part 1

OK, it’s easy to make beautiful hairstyle on your own at home. By this I mean: updos, braids, beachwaves and so on. There are tones of possibilitys and even for the most difficult looking styles their art tricks to make them easy.

But what if you want to have a fringe and don’t want to cut your hair? What is you want long hair and don’t want to spend much for extensions?

Or just simply don’t want to wear wigs!

Ladies, here are my tricks to solve your problems…

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Day & Night Look – Part 1

I’ve been modeling lately for a friend of mine who’s doing a hair and mykeup stylist school. Currently she’s at the first year and she gets to do some fun things to learn more about her future work.

One day she had to create a “Total Look” on me; a day to night transformation.

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Legs Beach Comeback

Ladies, ladies, ladies…
Summer doesn’t want to come to us quite yet, so instead of being sad, lets take advantage of the situation and do or last workouts ans tricks to get beautiful legs for our Beach Comeback!

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Be You Tiful

This summer non-contouring is the new makeup trend! Even countering queen Kim says that she goes lately for less makeup!

Be you, be beautiful!

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NYC Everything

For my home and sportswear I love items that represents NYC…

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Want “Alpine White” Teeth?

Why most people want white teeth and how to get them…

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