Refreshing Caotina

I love hot chocolate a lot in winter, so why not also in summer??

Since a young age I’ve been doing this super easy and yummy summer “cold-chocolate”. Today I’ve made some for my husband after dinner and he loves it!

It’s so good and very refreshing.

I love using Caotina choco pulver for that. It has a very natural chocolate flavor, not so sugary as others.

I use 2 glasses (one bigger then te other) to shake the milk because I don’t have a cocktail shaker.

So first shake the milk with some cream and mix it with the pulver.

Prepair the glass with ice and then just pour the chocolate.

You can mix in everything you want to give it some other flavor.

At the and I put on some cinnamon, vanilla and dark chocolate Caotina pulver.

I was soooo good!!






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